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Taking the time to match your skills, personality and aspirations to a potential job is crucial in finding a role that will suit you. Working in a job you love greatly increases your chances of long-term career success and satisfaction, so it’s important to make the right decision.
Consider the following key factors when deciding if a job will suit you.

Your Personality and Skills

Your job should be compatible with your attitude, beliefs and personality. It should make use of your key strengths and abilities, but also give you the opportunity to gain new skills and knowledge in the areas you want to develop. If the job suits you, the work will be likely to interest and stimulate you over the next few years.

Salary and Conditions

The salary should provide fair compensation for your skills and experience. Find out how performance is measured and how often it is reviewed. It’s also important to ensure that company policies align with the conditions that are important to you, such as leave provisions and flexible working arrangements.

Company Profile and Culture

For a job to suit you, the company values must align with your own. Find out the quality of leadership, and the company’s financial position and plans for the future. Ask if you will be required to work autonomously or closely within a team and decide if this style of working suits you.

Career Progression

A key indicator of job satisfaction is the opportunity for growth. Ensure the job has clear prospects for career development. You can do this by asking if the employer provides a professional training and development program.
For more advice on deciding if a job will suit you, speak to your Page Personnel recruitment consultant. Their detailed business knowledge will help you determine if the role/company is the right fit for you and a positive step in your career progression.